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re: App: kmitch16

The application submitted by kmitch16 is as follows:

<b><u>Raiding Application</u> (for those interested in raiding with RoKK)</b>

1. Your Name:

2. Character Name:

3. Class + Spec + Item lvl:
shaman/enhancement/ 846

4. Age:

5. Direct link to your armory:

7. List any other max lvl toons (alts) that you have, including class and spec:
rogue outlaw/sub. currently working on my mm hunter

8. Where did you hear about Rokk?:
friend who is also applying under the name redchimera

9. Will you be able to attend raids Tuesday through Thursday, and stay for the full raiding duration - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Pacific Time)?:

10. Who do you know in RoKK?:

11. How long have you been playing WoW?:
since vanilla, joined in 2006

12. What's your raid experience on all characters this expansion?:
5/7 normal in groups that we have pugged (redchimera and i) because my old guild on Kul Tiras was inactive

13. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your main spec in a PVE setting?:
strengths are top tier single target, good raid utility (speed totem and lust), target swapping is easy as there is no damage build up time.
weaknesses are avg cleave, can sometimes be squishy, and burst windows are average

14. What is your offspec and would you be willing to play it during a raid?:
im currently working on resto on my shaman and would be willing to play it also willing to play an mm hunter if need be. although i have been going pretty hard into enhancement to get it caught up as i had originally started as a elemental shaman and they are pretty trash

15. Why did you leave your previous guild(s)? (This also applies to applicants who are server transfers):
the server kul tiras is dead, i really want to clear heroic and mythic level raiding, i tried doing a cross guild raid with my old guild and they couldnt even clear normal nythendra, it was really frustrating. they are a great group of people but not very active and the raiding side was garbage

16. Post/link a screenshot showing your keybinds/UI. Don't know how to SS? Then type them out below:

currently using base UI, planning no updating asap with weakauras but currently using key bindings with my gaming mouse

17. Do you have a working mic and can you speak in vent?:

18. In 4 sentences or less, tell us a short story:
one time i recruited my roommate to play wow, he played for one month hit max level then quit. I did not get my recruit-a-friend mount, i was very sad.
The End

Anything else?:
applying with my friend redchimera, looking to raid but i see that the roster is full which is fine, Im not looking to take anyones spot, the social aspect of being in a highly active guild would be great, as i just want to be able to play with a cool group of people.


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re: APPROVED - App: kmitch16 - by <RoKK>Quintessence


You already know that our raid group has been pretty full, particularly with melee, so raid slots may be at a premium.  As long as you're ok with this I'll approve, contact an officer for invite.

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