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Renegades of Kobra Kai is an Alliance social and raiding guild on US-Proudmoore that originated on the server US-Kil'Jaeden. Formed after a guild merger between Renegades of Elune and Kobra Kai in 2005, we evolved into a "casually-hardecore" guild.

We strive to keep our guild drama-free and maintain a friendly, fun guild community.

Raid schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 6:30 PM (PST) to 9/9:30 PM (PST)
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Emerald Nightmare Normal Cleared

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 6 days ago

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First raid night of Legion: Full clear Emerald Nightmare Normal.

Good job RoKK. Onward to Heroic!

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RoKK's 11th Anniversary

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 8 days ago

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Today is RoKK's 11th Anniversary! (The cake couldn't hold 11 candles though... :P)

RoKK has seen some good times and some bad times, and has somehow persisted throughout all of it. We wouldn't be the guild we are today without all of these past experiences, or without the people that have come and gone (or even stayed).

It's been an awesome eleven years; here's to another decade!

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Heading Into Legion

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 58 days ago

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Don't look so shocked, Murkidan! RoKK is back from a long hiatus and is ready to head into Legion.

Our plans for raiding in the expansion are currently very casual and laid back. The main goal is to have fun and hang out with old (and new) friends.

We will not be aiming for Mythic raids, nor are we actively recruiting for end-game at this time.

Friends of friends and family are welcome to join for leveling and socializing.

We look forward to seeing everyone return for Legion!

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