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Renegades of Kobra Kai is a "casually-hardcore" raiding guild on US Proudmoore that originated on the server US Kil'Jaeden. Formed after a guild merger between Renegades of Elune and Kobra Kai in 2005, we have been continually progressing through end game content.

Our goal: to maintain our precariously balanced casual and hardcore raiding mentality, while progressing through and experiencing the latest content. And above all else, keeping our guild drama-free and staying a friendly, fun guild community.
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We've Moved!

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 143 days ago

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RoKK has transferred servers and now resides on the US server Proudmoore (PVE).

We're currently on a raiding hiatus until WoD, but we'll be continuing recruitment in the near future.

Our raiding goals for the next expansion include Normal and Heroic modes, with Mythic raiding a possibility. Once we begin open recruitment, we'll make an announcement, so stay tuned!

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