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Renegades of Kobra Kai is a "casually-hardcore" raiding guild on US Proudmoore that originated on the server US Kil'Jaeden. Formed after a guild merger between Renegades of Elune and Kobra Kai in 2005, we have been continually progressing through end game content.

Our goal: Progressing through and experiencing the latest end-game content. And above all else, keeping our guild drama-free and staying a friendly, fun guild community.
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Heroic HFC: Three Bosses Down

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 14 days ago

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Heroic Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver from last week. Hellfire High Council this week. Woot!

RoKK is now 3/13 Heroic -- stay tuned for even more progression.

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Recruiting for 6.2

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 31 days ago

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RoKK is recruiting! We're currently 12 out of 13 Normal, and 2 out of 13 Heroic in Hellfire Citadel. We plan on progressing even further into Heroic HFC in the near future.

Raid schedule:

  • Tuesday through Thursday
  • 6:30 PM (PST) - 9 to 9:30 PM (PST)

We're looking for the following:

  • Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman, Warlock, Mage
  • Healer(s) - Any (have a DPS offspec with appropriate gear is a plus!)

Applicants should:

  • Have appropriate ilvl gear (675+)
  • Have proper enchants and gems

Although we may not be actively looking for some classes/roles, exceptionally skilled and well-geared players should still apply for consideration.

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Patch 6.2 Raiding - Coming Next Week!

by <RoKK>Quintessence, 43 days ago

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Patch 6.2 is coming June 23, which means a whole new raid to conquer.

With progression in mind, we're setting up a tentative official raid for Tuesday, June 23 at 630 PM (PST). Show up to see new bosses and maybe get some new loot.


NOTICE: We're coming back from hiatus and will be returning to our normal raid schedule starting next week:

  • Tuesday through Thursday, 630 PM - 9 to 930 PM (PST)


We hope to see everyone there!

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